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The Guide of Souls in February-March - Mercury Slowing It will continue to expand during the time Mars transits Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, and Libra, By February , all the planets will be between early Capricorn This garland is made from the seeds of Lakshmi's most beloved lotus flower.
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It certainly reflects the record-breaking huge Jupiter first-day fundraising haul Bernie achieved! Transiting Neptune will exactly oppose Bernie's natal Sun several times in coming months and during part of I'd interpret that as a warning to the Senator to be careful in whom he places trust - something of which I feel sure he is well aware, and will have chosen his new group of assistants with that in mind.

Still, though, there will be be members of the Democratic establishment and corporate media ranged against him, as well as President Trump and the Republicans.

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Transiting Mars will be conjunct Bernie's natal Moon exact dates depending on exact degree of Moon and natal Mars, while also opposing natal Venus in weeks surrounding the election in This isn't a sign of success, but an indication of significant energy or dynamism being present at that time; it could also be related to non-election issues.

I have to say that I don't see, in the information available, any stand-out indication that Bernie Sanders' status in the public eye will change, or that his run will end in success, whether in the primaries or, if nominated, in the General election. The lack of time of birth is particularly frustrating in this case! Much as it pains me to write it, if I had to bet on any of the people investigated so far, relying only on my astrology, bets would still have to go to Elizabeth Warren or to Cory Booker if his time of birth can be established as being accurate. But we do need Bernie's voice to remain in the mix - loud and clear!

Posted by Twilight at Saturday, February 23, While I admire most of what he stands for, he went down in my estimation when he supported the anti-abortion agenda in, I think, Nebraska.

I was so shocked as I had believed he was a proponent of women's rights but also realize what a sticky wicket this issue is which appalls me. But then so much appalls me today as I see such massive regression. I do think Bernie was supportive of ERA which is another issue I can't quite stomach - that women are still not equal under the law in the USA beacon of rights and freedoms but only for the boyz.

Ah well, climbing down off the podium now. XO WWW. I'd prefer to hear Bernie's own take on the anti-abortion issue. I'd be more than surprised if he disappointed me on that score. Sometimes issues are framed in the media in ways detrimental to certain individuals. Most corporate media do not like Bernie, and would not countenance him as president - or even as Democratic nominee.

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I've notice this slanting of issues more than once, even in respect of Donald Trump - and I am not defending DT, just noticing that what we are told is not always the exact way things unfolded or were said. They never stopped eating and before long they had eaten everything they could get their hooves on!

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